Introducing FIREDAO V2 — the Track to Financial Freedom

It took the telephone📞 50 years to reach 50 million customers, 22 years for television📺, seven years for the Internet 🕸 and just 19 days for Pokémon Go.

Technology is evolving faster than ever before, and being able to seize the first wave🏄‍♂️ of adoption brings exponential financial reward. If only you were among the first to invest in the telephone, or the television or Pokemon Go, or Bitcoin just a few years ago you would be financially set for life⛵

Where were you when Bitcoin white paper was launched in 2008? These opportunities come once in a lifetime, but when they come, we need to be able to seize them.

DeFi — short for decentralized finance — is that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The arrival of DeFi created a whole financial ecosystem around it — including decentralized crypto exchanges, decentralized crypto banks, and new offerings into savings, sending, and borrowing in less than a year❗❗❗

According to Dune analytics, DeFi users number grew 15 times 🤯since a year ago reaching 1.5 million users. The critical 50 million users needed to make DeFi mainstream will arrive in no time⏲

Meet the new🔥 FIREDAO

At FIREDAO we want to seize the opportunity of DeFi to become financially independent together 🤝 And fast 🏎

We believe in the core vision of FIRE🔥 (Financial Independence, Retire Early) that offers an alternative lifestyle strategy that allows a “normal person” to retire from 9 to 5 work and instead focus on what really matters in life.

Yet the original model focuses on saving aggressively and investing in stock indexes, but it takes years to really become financially independent. 😭

At FIREDAO, we revolutionize🎉 FIRE movement: we combine the same vision✨ and strategy⚙ with cutting-edge DeFi technologies to fast-track people to financial freedom by achieving alpha-returns. We create new products, new rules and offer a new playbook📘 of how to become financially free.

FIREDAO V2 — Flexible Yield Investment Strategies to Maximize Returns.

Yep, cryptocurrencies are volatile, but a small allocation a few years (even months) ago would have generated exponential returns. With FIRE protocol, you can now invest all your dollars💸 you have in your bank account to earn BTC, BNB, or any other crypto.

By depositing your stablecoins into FIRE protocol, you can earn up to 35%+ APY. FIREDAO still supports earning interest on the most popular stable coins. Yet with the V2, instead of earning interest in the same currency, you deposited, you can now choose to earn interest in BTC, ETH, BNB or any other token that community decides to support 🎊

This way you get exposure to the crypto upside👆 without losing the principal by constantly buying crypto with your earned interest by cost-dollar averaging. This strategy is the best fit during bear markets when unsure when to buy low and sell high.

How it looks on the User’s Side

FIRE protocol V2 also supports investing your crypto to earn stablecoins with your interest. Deposit BNB, BTC or ETH to earn USDT, USDC or BUSD or vice versa. The strategy allows to slowly🐌 take profits and might be appropriate during later stages of the bull market.

How FIRE protocol really works

The new FIREDAO allows redirecting the interest to any Binance Smart Chain public address. A use case for this is to enable depositing yield generating assets from one account and redirect interest to a wallet connected to a crypto debit card.

Meet FIREDAO iOS & Android App — Financial Freedom with a FIREDAO Crypto Card💳

FIRE Protocol V2 Launching on BSC — Cheaper and Faster.

FIREDAO mission is to achieve financial freedom fast. Currently, FIREDAO V1 runs on Ethereum blockchain, however, due to high gas FIREDAO V2 will be first launched on Binance Smart Chain.

In the future, other blockchains will be considered and the community will be able to vote on FIREDAO introduction to other blockchains.

More details to be announced soon!

Fast track to financial freedom