FIREDAO Governance Delegation is Heating Up: Introducing Our Lead Delegate

Hello, FIREDAO Community!

We have got many applications and good feedback from FIRE supporters since we started inviting FIREDAO Governance Delegates.

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Each applicant has their unique ability and vision to help FIRE governance build the FIRE protocol more powerful and expand the community wider. Do not miss the opportunity to participate as Governance Delegates to build the future of Finance together!

Application link:

Introduce FIREDAO Lead Governance Delegate

Stable Node will become a Lead Governance Delegate for FIREDAO. Using the expertise and network they gained from working at the Maker Foundation, the team behind MakerDAO, Stable Node will together with FIREDAO team and other Governance Delegates to assist the protocol.

About Stable Node:
Stable Node provides business development and governance support to blockchain ecosystems. Part of Stable Node’s ethos is to help blockchains attract new applications to launch on their mainnet as well as expand their network and governance.

This will be the great beginning of the FIREDAO journey! FIREDAO is going to be stronger than ever in terms of knowledge, expertise and leadership, as we have more great Governance Delegates.

We will inform you once the Delegation members are carefully selected.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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